Homechill Recordings

Homechill Recordings former known as Homechill Records is an indie Record label, which started back in early 2013 by Daniel Svensson and the label had to change later on because of difficulties. Homechill Recordings is now still being ran by Svensson with his companion AJ who's been in Homechill since early/mid 2013 as a rapper, producer and right hand for the brand and now Kali and Ezzet is here. 

Kaspar Andersen (born November 11 , 1985) known professionally as Kali is an Danish rapper and songwriter from the record label Homechill Recordings. 

Kali has been on stage with some of the biggest rappers and Djs from Denmark such as Pede B , DJNOIZE, Grandmaster Dee Pee & also the big American star J. Ro from the super group Tha Alkaholiks. 

Kali has been in the game for years and have been entering a lot of freestyle contests too when he was a youngster. After a life of 30 years with a lot of drama and difficulties, he decided in 2017 to get very serious with his music and his personal life, and early 2018 he released his debut album De Glemte Numre in English called: "The Lost Tracks" All the material on this album is 10 years old material, that he didn't want to waste. 

Homechill Recordings made that happen and Kali got his chance to explain his frustrations and life experiences as a teenager. 

Kali music is all about real life, inspirational messages and the tough life that a lot of people can relate to. 

Now Kali has released his first EP which is very personal with amazing tracks well known from his time in the Danish TV series "X-Factor". 

Information on Ezzet is on the way....
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