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Can I breastfeed with breast implants?
Can I breastfeed with breast implants?

Many women have breast augmentation before becoming mothers. Is it possible to breastfeed with implants and will the breasts change during pregnancy? We answer your questions. Most often, cosmetic surgery operations are not medically necessary. They simply allow a person to change their appearance if they wish or feel they need to. There are many different reasons why people have this type of surgery and everyone has the right to do as they wish.

Breastfeeding your child with breast implants is perfectly possible. The advice of the attending physician and surgeon is always recommended, as for everything that concerns our health, but for all women who still have questions, provides simple answers regarding breast implants in Singapore:

Can silicone gel pass into the milk?
A study, reported by the site, measured the amount of silicone in the milk of breastfeeding women with implants. The researchers found no difference with the milk of women without implants, and they counted more nutrients in it than in infant milk or cow's milk.

Do implants make breastfeeding more difficult?
Another study, conducted in Argentina, compared the success rate of breastfeeding in the hospital immediately after birth in women with and without implants. They found no significant difference, although women without implants appeared to breastfeed successfully at a higher rate.

Are there exceptions?
If a woman with implants chooses to breastfeed, she does so in the same way as any other woman. This is true for both silicone gel and saline implants. In some isolated cases, implants can prevent or limit breastfeeding, but the rate is very low, unlike the problems associated with scarring from nipple piercings and breast reduction procedures.

In Singapore, one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures is breast augmentation. According to the most recent figures from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), no less than 10,510 such procedures took place in the country in 2016. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive in 2010 already highlighted the willingness of some women to have breast augmentation: they represented 37% of respondents.
The answer is yes, according to our expert. Only about 2% of patients with breast implants complain of a loss of sensitivity in the nipple, which can make breastfeeding difficult or impossible.

So rest assured, breast implants are not harmful to the baby and are not an obstacle to breastfeeding. The implant is inserted under the gland or even under the muscle and therefore does not affect the actual function of the breast, that is, the ability to breastfeed, It is not directly related to the milk-producing gland and milk ducts.

Moreover, breastfeeding has no negative effects on breast implants: Breast implants are not damaged by breastfeeding. Studies also show that pregnancy or breastfeeding does not increase the risk of developing capsular fibrosis later on.
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