Nordic Press Association

The most progressive platform for young media makers in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Press Association (NPA) is a cooperation amongst Nordic young journalists’ organisations in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden formed in the spring of 2016.

The Nordic Press Association (NPA) is an open community for non-profit youth media organisations and journalists’ unions. The community facilitates trainings and cooperation across the Nordic borders in progressive projects. We want to introduce new qualities when hosting workshops and seminars that go beyond the traditional journalistic toolbox. We want to experience what happens when media is fuelled by youth for youth to discover new Nordic journalism as a mean for achieving a better public service outreach to a Nordic audience in 2016.

There are little to no opportunities for young media makers from the region to come together for skill-training, do co-productions with their Nordic peers or for publishing their stories and get visibility for their work. This is why the NPA came to be - and what makes it special.

Our mission: To give all young Nordic media makers the best possible circumstances to gain the experience they need. We believe that going beyond the traditional journalistic toolbox to create a new Nordic public service is crucial in media today. In this spirit, we want to enhance the skills of young media makers by hosting seminars and workshops across the Nordic countries. Creativity and experimenting and cooperation are key words in the work of NPA, and we want to promote these qualities amongst young media makers to give them strong advantages to their older peers when entering the job market.

Our goal: To be the most progressive platform for young media makers in the region. We are bringing a young voice forward by: building networks across borders, facilitating cross-border productions, and publishing works of young journalists. We believe that all voices should be heard.

At least once every year, NPA will bring together young Nordic media makers for a creation space seminar. Here participants will be able to develop new skills, learn from the most experienced and renowned journalists, and build their personal networks across borders. At the seminars the participants will produce journalistic content across all media genres in cooperation with their Nordic peers.

In 2016 we will take the first steps towards a brighter future for young media makers in the Nordic countries. We are gathering a large group of young Nordic journalists in Copenhagen in September under one roof, to discover the new Nordic journalism.


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