Zachary Weaver

I'm Asking the Universe for a Personal Yearly Income of $75,000 or More

The most direct way that you can participate in this project is to give a monthly recurring amount of your choosing* right here on

I will keep track of our progress here!

Total income I have received between March 6th, 2020 and August 14th, 2020:


Thank you for participating! I'm so excited to see where this takes us.

Photo credit: Kirk Decker

*The Maecen Project will take USD $0.15 = 1.00 kr^ from each transaction. This is simply amazing. I haven't found a lower transaction fee for this kind of project. Please consider supporting the Maecen Project on their own Maecenate. I've set the minimum amount you can give here as USD $0.30 = 2.00 kr because the site only allows it to be set in whole DKK.^^

^kr is the currency sign for the Danish krone.
^^DKK is the currency code for the Danish krone.
Minimum 2.00 kr